Redwood Bridges

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High Arch Redwood Bridges High Arch Redwood Garden Bridges

Add a whole new dimension to the look of your landscape with the new High Arch Series bridge. The High Arch will enhance the beauty of anything around it. When you need the clearance of about 24 inches from under the center support beams.

Made by "Old World Craftsman" 100% Redwood. All galvanized fittings, easy assembly, custom sizes. Our bridges are completely fish safe, we do not use pressure-treated wood in our construction which makes these redwood bridges perfect for Koi Ponds or any of your landscaping needs Redwood Garden Bridges from California Custom built for your pond, creek, or Yard. Top Quality and Workmanship.

Some of the Key Features:

To help you with all the options, we have packed this site with information about the materials, designs, sizes, costs, and shipping of our easy-to-assemble. If you have any questions or a Custom Quote, you can contact our design consultant professional by calling and talk to Designer Builder Joe,

We can custom build High Rise Landscape bridges to your specs from 4 ft to 20 ft long or longer. Available with posts and Rails, rope rails or an arched footbridge without posts and rails