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Garden Bridges first appeared in the Japanese garden during the Heian period. At Byōdō-in garden in Kyoto, a wooden bridge connects the Phoenix pavilion with a small island of stones, representing the Mount Penglai or Mount Horai, the island home of the Eight Immortals of Daoist teaching, The bridge symbolized the path to paradise and immortality.

Here is another new edition and personally designed by Redwood Garden Bridges. Only offered from our website.

Here we have New addition to our bridge line up. It was designed to fit into a Japanese theme ,It has low custom crafted rails on each side of the bridge. At this time it is offered in sizes from 4ft to12ft. I am sure if we were asked to build larger ones we will do so for you and your Japanese garden.

So when you want a Japanese Garden Bridge to fit into your theme here is the perfect bridge just for your Japanese Garden.